Lindorm, Inc.
Lindorm, Inc.


Lindorm, Inc. is a Florida corporation founded by Dr. Ulf Erlingsson for product development, marketing, and customer support. Dr. Erlingsson has 32 years experience of designing and building SediMeter instruments and other solutions for sediment studies.

Our symbol, the Lindorm, is the ancient two-legged Scandinavian dragon. Sometimes it is a giant sea serpent, sometimes an underground serpent, but in heraldics it has wings and can fly. The lindorm is the last mythological creature that somebody has claimed to have actually met in Scandinavia, as late as in the 19th century. Alhtough by that time the lindorm had shrunk to a serpent smaller than an anaconda in size, and had neither legs nor wings.

Ulf Erlingsson
Ulf Erlingsson, PhD, inventor of the SediMeter™ and founder of Lindorm, Inc.

Lindorm waving its tail
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