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Axelsson sediment corer

Axelsson Rectangular Sediment Corer for X-ray

Many Years of Service in Studying Sediment Accumulation and Compaction

This sediment corer is designed for quantitative analysis of sediment properties using X-rays. It also allows for taking stereo-images of the sediment core. A method for creating a vertical profile of sediment density with very high resolution is described in Axelsson's manual. Unlike round corers this equipment gives cores with a constant cross section, which facilitates interpretation and analysis. There are ample examples for comparison at Axelsson's website, from many sedimentary environments, climate zones, and countries.

This corer conforms to the original design by Dr. Valter Axelsson. Reference:
Axelsson, V. and Håkansson, L., 1978: A gravity corer with a simple valve system. Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 48, no. 2, p. 630-633.

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Axelsson sediment core from Pukaviksbukten
This core, taken at 24 m depth in Pukaviksbukten (southern Sweden, Baltic Sea), shows a layer of sand over an erosional discontinuity in the varved clay from the last ice age. The dry bulk density (in kg/L) is calculated from the grey tone of the core radiograph.
Axelsson sediment core head and valve
The corer head contains a valve that remains open until the core is pulled back up from the bottom again. This minimizes the shockwave ahead of the corer, while creating the necessary vacuum for pulling up the core.
Axelsson sediment corer with Niemistö core catcher
Axelsson sediment corer with a Niemistö core catcher. This core catcher helps retrieving the very soft mud on the bottom surface that is often of great interest in environmental studies.
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