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"Sedimeter sensors designed and
built by Lindorm are a fantastic
tool for measuring water column
turbidity and siltation." (Gravity)
SediMeter™ SM4A with blind plug

SM3 system
SediMeter™ SM3A and SM3B with accessories
SediMeter™ specifications

PDF Downloads: SM3 specifications, SM4 specifications

Sensor Cleaner None Mechanical UV+Vibrator UV+Vibrator UV+Vibrator
Length 700 mm 760 mm 730 mm 740 mm 740 mm
Mass 140 g 380 g + 230 g shuttle 370 g 370 g 400 g
Diameter 15 mm 15 mm sensor
20 mm house
60 mm shuttle
15 mm, 20 mm 15 mm, 20 mm 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm
Recheargable Battery 300 mAh 1800 mAh 300 mAh 900 mAh 1800 mAh
Battery Duration (typical) 3 months 1 year w 50 cleanings Depends on UV use Depends on UV use Depends on UV use
Connector Top end Bottom end Top end Top end Top end
SediMeter OBS Array 36 OBS detectors 1 cm apart measuring 36 straight backscatter and 35 oblique backscatter turbidity values, for a 35 cm long profile with 5 mm resolution, used both for the turbidity profile and for the bottom level estimate. Measures in NIR, 945 nm.
Other Optical Sensors (1 dm above the OBS array) OBS number 37, identical to the other 36. To measure turbidity, mount so this sensor is above the holder tube. OBS number 37, identical to the other 36, used for controlling the cleaner shuttle. Not useful for turbidity measurements. ISO-style nephelometric turbidimeter measuring 90º scattered 850 nm light (unit: FNU)
EPA-style nephelometric turbidimeter measuring 90º scattered white light (unit: NTU)
Fluorescence meter, emits UVA light and measures white light at 90º angle.
White and NIR ambient light sensors.
Accelerometer N/A 3-axis accelerometer, +-2 g, 0.001 g resolution
Auxiliary sensors Temperature; battery voltage
Data Output
Bottom Level Resolution 0.01 mm, detection threshold 0.1 mm, linearity 1 mm, total range 35 cm, at least 30 cm of which have the stated linearity
Turbidity Profile 35 cm range, 5 mm vertical resolution, 1 FTU intensity resolution, range to over 10,000 FTU, composed of 36 straight backscatter (FBU) and 35 oblique scatter (FNU) measurements in 945 nm NIR*
Turbidity Optical backscatter detector, units FBU (945 nm) ISO 7027-style, units FNU (850 nm NIR, 90º scatter)
U.S. EPA-style, units NTU (white light, 90º scatter)
Tilt, Acceleration N/A 20 values of 3D acceleration at 10 Hz (optional 30 values at 0.016 g resolution)
Temperature Resolution 0.01°C, accuracy ±0.5°C, time constant 100 s
Battery voltage Resolution 1 mV
Measurement interval Up to 24 hours, any value set in hh:mm:ss
Memory 16,384 measurements 32,768 measurements
Burst samples 1 to 20, 1 to 16 s interval 20 or 30, 10 Hz (configurable 1 Hz to 400 Hz)
Burst channels Bottom level, backscatter turbidity (OBS #37) 3D Accelerometer (X, Y, Z)
Computer interface RS-485
Baud rates 9600 baud; 115,200 baud (9600,N,8,1 after RESET)
Network Daisy-chained cables, or SediLink radio modems
Protocol LogDator Communication Protocol ver. 3.0
Input voltage range 5 V ≤ Usupply ≤ 15 V
Battery charge time Ca 1 hour Ca 6 hour Ca 1 hour Ca 3 hours Ca 6 hours
User Interface LEDs
Power Connected Blue
Battery Yellow for charging, green for full Red for charging, green for full
Communication Yellow for listening, green for transmitting Yellow for receiving, green for transmitting
Measurements Red blink after each measurement White blink of turbidimeter doubles as indicator
Control Using PC software and USB cable; Reset magnet
Kit Accessories (where applicable)
Mounting hardware Anchor, holder tube or rod, and handle to screw it down
Cable USB to SediMeter cable, 1.8 m standard length
Blind plug Protects UW connector when used stand-alone
Software SediMeter.exe for Windows, for instrument set-up, download, data display, and real-time monitoring of one or many instruments (additional hardware required for network operation)
Depth rating Pressure tested to 45 m
Ambient light Each OBS must be submerged 10 cm to filter out daylight
Temperature From 0ºC to 50ºC, not exposed to direct sunlight
Optical liquid medium SIlicon oil, non flammable
Counterweight material N/A Lead N/A
RoHS No Yes

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