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Dr. Ulf Erlingsson

CV: Ulf Erlingsson, PhD

CEO, Lindorm, Inc., since 2006
Senior Partner, Hydroconsult AB, Sweden, 1995 - 2006
Principal Research Engineeer, Department of Physical Geography, Uppsala University, 1988 - 1991 and 1994 - 1995
PostDoc, Geographical Institution, Copenhagen University, 1992 - 1993

Ph.D., May 1990: Uppsala University, Dept of Physical Geography. Thesis Title: "The geomorphological developments of the bottoms off Österlen, southernmost Sweden".

PROJECTS (selection)
Mapping of Natural Disasters and development of a GIS for Regional Planning in Nicaragua, 2000-2002: Technical co-ordinator, designed and built the GIS desicion support system
Design study for dredging of polluted sediments in Örserum Bay, Västervik, Sweden, 1999-2000: In charge of Bottom Sediment Mapping with acoustic instruments and GIS and geostatistic analysis. The study included determining the hydrodynamic forces, in order to minimize the environmental impact of dredging, and maximize the water quality.
The Öresund Bridge, 1995-1998. Supervision of spill from dredging operations (provided assistance to Swedish authorities). The authorities had set very strict limits on the spill for environmental and water quality reasons.
Arenal reservoir (Costa Rica), 1995-96. Under water investigations of the formation of floating islands and of reservoir sedimentation, with side-scan sonar and diving. Senior scientist in charge of researching the fundamental reasons for the problem with floating islands and peat reaching the intake. The study involved repeated under-water surveying (the peat is submerged under 30 m of water), sampling, and modelling of the hydrographical, chemical and physical processes involved.
Öresund Bridge, 1992. EIA for the 16 km long Öresund bridge connecting Denmark with Sweden; evaluation of sedimentation areas using side-scan sonar.
Cachí-reservoar, Arenal reservoir, El Llano (Costa Rica), 1990-91. Investigations of sedimentation and erosion in reservoirs usng side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, and bathymetric surveying.
Marine geologic surveying in the Baltic Sea, Surtsey, Iceland, and El Alamein, Egypt.
Designed and equipped the R/V Akusta acoustic surveying vessel, and served as skipper on mapping projects of hundreds of square kilometers in the Baltic Sea, North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, and in Costa Rica.

PUBLICATIONS (selection)
Erlingsson, U., 1990: Geomorphological development of the bottoms off Österlen, southernmost Sweden. UNGI Rapport 76, 136 p. ISSN 0375-8109, ISBN 91-506-0800-2. (doctoral dissertation)
Erlingsson, U., 1991: A sensor for measuring erosion and deposition. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, Vol. 61, Nr. 4, pp. 620-623.
Norrman, J.O. and Erlingsson, U., 1992: The Submarine Morphology of Surtsey Volcanic Group. Surtsey Research Progress Report , Vol. X, pp. 45-56.
Erlingsson, U., 1992: Survey with side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler. In: Jansson, M. and Sundborg, Å., (eds.): Sedimentological studies of the Cachí Reservoir, Costa Rica. Sediment inflow, reservoir sedimentation and effects of flushing. UNGI Rapport Nr 81, pp. 101-110.
Erlingsson, U., 1992: Repeated depth soundings. In: Jansson, M. and Sundborg, Å., (eds.): Sedimentological studies of the Cachí Reservoir, Costa Rica. Sediment inflow, reservoir sedimentation and effects of flushing. UNGI Rapport Nr 81, pp. 111-118.
Erlingsson, U., 1994: The 'Captured Ice Shelf' hypothesis and its applicability to the Weichselian glaciation. Geogr Ann Ser A, Vol. 76, Nr. 1, pp. 1-12.
Erlingsson, U., 1994: A computer model along a flow-line of an Ice Dome-'Captured Ice Shelf'. Geogr Ann Ser A, Vol. 76, Nr. 1, pp. 13-24.
Erlingsson, U., 1996: The Arenal Reservoir - Acoustic Surveys and Ground Truthing. AB Hydroconsult, Uppsala. 26pp.
Erlingsson, U., 1996: The Arenal Reservoir - The Gamalote Floating Islands Problem. AB Hydroconsult, Uppsala. 39pp.
Jansson, M.B., and Erlingsson, U., 2000: Measurements and Calculations of Sedimentation in a Flushed Reservoir resulting in a sediment budget. Regulated Rivers: Research and Management, Vol. 16, pp 279-306.
Erlingsson, U., 2000: Under water investigations as a preparation of dredging of Örserum Bay, municipality of Västervik (in Swedish). AB Hydroconsult, Uppsala. 12 pp plus a CD with GIS data files.
Erlingsson, U., Coone, T., Leonelli, M., Gutierrez, M.A., Valle, M., 2001: Mapeo de Riesgos Naturales en Nicaragua. Volumen II. (“Mapping of Natural Hazards in Nicaragua”; in Spanish.)
Erlingsson, U., 2001: Manual de usuario para el SIGG "AmeNat" (Amenazas Naturales). AB Hydroconsult, Uppsala. 70 pp. ("User manual for the GISS "AmeNat" (Hazard Mitigation); in Spanish.)
Erlingsson, U., 2006: Lake Vostok behaves like a 'captured lake' and may be near to creating an Antarctic jökulhlaup. Geografiska Annaler 88A(1): 1-7.
Erlingsson, U., 2007: Comment to “Outburst flooding and the initiation of ice-stream surges in response to climatic cooling: A hypothesis”. Geomorphology 86(1-2): 214-216.
Erlingsson, U., 2008: A jökulhlaup from a Laurentian captured ice shelf to the Gulf of Mexico could have caused the Bølling warming. Geografiska Annaler 90A(2): 125-140.
Erlingsson, U., 2007 - 2016: Monitoring Siltation. White paper available online.

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