Lindorm, Inc.
Lindorm, Inc.
"Sedimeter sensors designed and
built by Lindorm are a fantastic
tool for measuring water column
turbidity and siltation." (Gravity)

Siltation Monitoring

Our sediment spill monitoring philosophy is based on this White Paper by Ulf Erlingsson, 2007: Monitoring Siltation.

For a single monitoring project it is probably not cost-effective to purchase a number of SediMeters and train personnel in their use. To fill that gap, we now offer a range of services, from renting equipment and guiding your field staff, to complete and independent data collection. We can also offer near-bed turbidity monitoring using SediMeters with ISO-style and EPA-style turbidimeters.

Since both hardware and software is developed in-house, we can customize monitoring systems based on the individual project requirements. Contact us for a free consultation of how to solve your monitoring requirements using a SediMeter-based system. We want all projects to be success-stories, so if we don’t think our system is the best solution to your problem, we will tell you so. You have nothing to lose on giving us a call.

Examples of projects where we can assist you: Monitoring of siltation around dredging sites (or downstream in a river), monitoring of sediment accumulation under fish farms, studies of sand transport (erosion and sedimentation) in navigation channels. We can deploy instruments with built-in logging for background data, and we can collect real-time data during dredging operations.

Dr. Ulf Erlingsson

Dr. Erlingsson invented the SediMeter in 1985, and realizing its potential for sediment spill monitoring, he founded Lindorm, Inc. to develop a system designed to be optimal for all parties: The surveying company, the project owner, and the authorities charged with assuring compliance.

Ulf Erlingsson, PhD, has 35 years experience of sediment studies. He was for a decade a full partner in the Swedish consulting company AB Hydroconsult, and as such he was the lead investigator in sediment studies in Sweden and abroad. During the construction of the Øresund Link between Sweden and Denmark, with its very strict sediment spill monitoring requirements, Dr. Erlingsson worked as supervising expert for the Swedish government. More

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