Lindorm, Inc.
Lindorm, Inc.
"Sedimeter sensors designed and
built by Lindorm are a fantastic
tool for measuring water column
turbidity and siltation." (Gravity)

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SediMeter sensor in sand Third generation SediMeter, without cleaner. Reports the through the bottom turbidity profile with 5 mm resolution over 35 cm, using a combination of straight and oblique backscatter. Also reports backscatter turbidity 11 cm higher up, temperature, and the estimated bed level with 0.01 mm resolution. It can be used both for stand-alone logging, and for real-time monitoring. Instrument SediMeter SM3A
SediMeter sensor in sand Third generation SediMeter with a mechanical cleaner. Same features as SM3A plus it has a mechanical sensor cleaner, and a larger battery to power it. Instrument SediMeter SM3B
SediMeter sensor in sand Third generation SediMeter with a vibrator motor to shake off particles and bubbles. Apart from the vibrator, it has the same features as SM3A. Instrument SediMeter SM3C
SediMeter sensor in sand A radio modem that connects to one ore more SediMeters via a cable, and to a PC running the SediMeter software via a low-power radio. This is an option to running a cable on the sea floor. The maximal range depends on country-specific regulations on frequency and effect. Telemetry SediLink

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