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Terms of Sale

Request a quote for instruments, or go to the shop to order spare parts online and pay by credit card. Standard terms are full payment before shipment for off-the-shelf products, and 20% prepayment for orders requiring custom manufacturing.


Except as stated below, a one year limited warranty, as required by law, is offered against manufacturing errors, defined as material and workmanship flaws that were present in the item upon shipping. Flaws in products from other manufacturers are only covered to the extent the respective manufacturer covers it under his warranty. In instruments that are intended to be opened and closed by the user, the warranty does not cover leakage of water caused by contaminants on an o-ring, dry o-rings, cracked or otherwise damaged o-rings, damages to the o-ring groove or contact surfaces created by improper use; nor does it cover damage from condensation inside a water-tight housing caused by the failure to employ a desiccant. In instruments with rechargeable batteries the warranty does not cover battery failures caused by failure to recharge empty batteries in time, except as stated below. Each openable underwater electronic instrument that leaves our production line is pressure tested individually at the equivalent of 45 m water depth. Instruments that have passed the test are to be considered water-tight, and any leak that appears subsequently shall be considered the result of improper handling by the user unless evidence to the contrary is presented.
Exception: SediMeter SM3 instruments sold after January 1, 2016, have a two year warranty, and the batteries are included under the warranty.

For warranty and repair issues, contact us for instructions.

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