Lindorm, Inc.
Lindorm, Inc.
"Sedimeter sensors designed and
built by Lindorm are a fantastic
tool for measuring water column
turbidity and siltation." (Gravity)

Mission: to provide the World's Best Siltation Monitoring System, and Cost-Effective Under-Water Instruments

The purpose of a siltation monitoring system is not just to assure compliance with permit conditions. The most important purpose is to assure Quality: that the project was carried out in an environmentally responsible way. This is important for shareholders concerned about environmetal audits and the risk of costly lawsuits.

The key is to do real-time monitoring of siltation during the project, as outlined in this white paper that we drafted when founding the company. By monitoring in real time, harm can be mitagated before it happens, plus data will be available for defense in case of a lawsuit - or to deter lawsuits.

Siltation consists of elevated suspended sediment concentration (turbidity), and sediment accumulation on the bottom. When it happens as a result of sediment spill from dredging or landfill operations, it constitutes environmental pollution, and it can have serious adverse effects on the marine, lacustrine, or river environment.

The SediMeter™ measures both turbidity and sediment level. This is key for siltation monitoring. Siltation can be detected the moment it arrives to the instrument, so that mitigating measures can be taken while there is still time.

Lindorm was founded by Dr. Ulf Erlingsson, expert in sediment studies with many years of research and consulting experience, and the inventor of the SediMeter™ instrument. Since its invention in 1985, the SediMeter™ has been deployed in laboratory flumes, irrigation canals, catch dams, water reservoirs, lakes, rivers, beaches, apart from in the sea.

In 2017 we will be rolling out a new line of instruments combining several sensors in a single instrument with re-configurable firmware. All new instruments in development contain an ISO 7027-style turbidimeter (90º 850 nm IR light) with anti-fouling features, and a 3-axis accelerometer that can be used as a tilt sensor, motion detector, or even as a vibration sensor for measuring earthquakes. First out will be the forth generation SediMeter™.

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