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"Sedimeter sensors designed and
built by Lindorm are a fantastic
tool for measuring water column
turbidity and siltation." (Gravity)

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    SediMeter SM4

    SM4 Flyer
    SM4 Specifications
    SM4 Kit

    SediMeter SM3

    SM3 Flyer
    SM3 Specifications
    SM3 Kit

    Real-Time Monitoring

    SediLink Radio Modem
    SediMeter Network

    SediMeter Manuals

    The following manuals are also included in the software downloads below.

  • Pocket Manual SM4 for SediMeter SM4 instruments (v. 1.0)
  • Pocket Manual SM3 for SediMeter SM3 instruments 2017 or later (v. 4.0)
  • Software Manual for SediMeter.exe ver. 4.0

    Software ver. 4

    All software on this page is offered for free. Use it at your own risk. The application is not certified by Windows.


    Complete installers includes the LabView runtime engine. Application only installers are much smaller and can be used when updating, provided there is no change in the LabView version.
    VersionFull InstallerUpdate InstallerChanges
    4.0 SediMeter 4.0.1 full SediMeter 4.0.1 update Supports SM3 instruments from 2017 (with firmware rev 2) and SM4 instruments. Compiled in LabView 2013.


    1. Unpack the zip file
    2. Run Setup.exe (the installer application is from National Instruments)
    3. Install the driver
    4. Restart

    File extensions

    The following extensions are used by the SediMeter software:

    .sm4 SediMeter.exe Measurement data from one to 255 instruments Contains raw measurement data. The software can also open .sm2 and .sm3 files from software versions 2 and 3, respectively.
    .LD2 LogDator Measurement data from one instrument Used on MMC and SD cards; import-only in the software (not supported in ver. 4.0)
    .smnt SediMeter.exe Network definition Instrument network IDs and geographical coordinates


    USB drivers

    USB - RS485 cable modem driver (required for SM3 and SM4)

    This is the driver for the cable used to connect from the computer's USB port to the instrument's RS485 connector. That cable has a built in USB-to-RS485 modem. Direct link to FTDI:

    Virtual COM Port (VPC) drivers for the USB-RS485 cable

    Select the Windows version that corresponds to your CPU, 32-bit or 64-bit.


    Communication Manual

    File format and the communication protocol are detailed in this manual. The SediMeters can be connected to third party loggers using these commands.


    LogDator Communication Manual ver. 3

    You may install and use these applications, but you may not distribute them - instead refer to this download site. All copyrights reserved by Lindorm or the respective originator.

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