Firmware Update 1.05

2016-08-30 0 By lindorm

This firmware update fixes several bugs. One of them could cause the instrument to freeze during a measurement, or cause malfunction only in reading the turbidity detectors. Another could cause the yellow LED to turn on even if the cable was not connected. A third bug could cause the instrument not to react when plugging in the cable.

Each of these malfunctions has been observed, but we were not able to reproduce them. We therefore reviewed the code line by line looking for any possible malfunction, deduced what the consequences would be, and when we found a consequence that matched an observed bug we celebrated. We believe that between these three bugs all observed malfunctions have got their explanation (and that the fixes haven’t introduced any new bug!).

As a side effect we also found some areas of code that could be made more efficient, but we did not want to introduce any new features this time. It’s all about stability and perfection in this update.

All instruments delivered from now, and all instruments returned for service, will be updated with these bug fixes.