Joint Venture

2017-12-12 0 By lindorm

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a Joint Venture with ProconsultRJ in order to better serve present and future customers in Latin America. For immediate release.

Lindorm Announces Joint Venture with ProconsultRJ

Lindorm, a specialist in sediment process studies and manufacturer of the SediMeter™ monitoring instrument, is entering a strategic alliance with ProconsultRJ to provide services and products to the Latin American market.
Miami, FL, December 12, 2017 — Lindorm, Inc., a sediment specialist and manufacturer of sedimentation and erosion monitoring instruments, is entering a strategic alliance with Proyectos & Consultoría Rotciv Jiménez (ProconsultRJ) of Venezuela, to provide services and products to the Latin American market, for the benefit of engineering projects with issues related to sediments, and to environmental protection projects.
Lindorm will offer scientific expertise as well as the SediMeter™ and other instruments for measuring sedimentation, erosion, and sediment transport, while ProconsultRJ will address civil engineering and logistical issues that arise. Lindorm manufactures the SediMeter™ instruments and exports them globally. Dr. Ulf Erlingsson, owner of Lindorm and inventor of the SediMeter™, is a recognized expert in matters of erosion and sedimentation. Rotciv Jiménez, owner of ProconsultRJ, is a civil engineer with experience in both the private and public sector.
Says Dr. Erlingsson, “To provide better value to our customers we want to offer them services and products that reflect what they need, and this requires a substantial presence in the field, which ProconsultRJ will provide us. Also, ProconsultRJ can take on projects with our backstopping that they might otherwise not have qualified for. This makes it a win-win alliance.”

Rotciv Jiménez and Ulf Erlingsson