Lindorm Moves to New Facilities

2010-05-15 0 By lindorm

Miami, FL, 2010-05-15 – The manufacturer of the SediMeter sediment spill monitoring instrument, Lindorm Inc., has moved to new facilities in Miami-Dade County, Florida. After the move the company has a much better ability to fulfill larger orders, such as for complete siltation monitoring systems around a dredging or construction site.

Lindorm has prepared a siltation monitoring strategy specifically for protecting coral reefs. It is generally acknowledged that Florida’s reefs have been damaged by sediment spill from beach replenishment projects. The borrow areas are often situated close to coral reefs. Any dredging activity leads to spill from the dredger, which can kill nearby reef organisms.

The SediMeter instrument is a unique and patented instrument for measuring the accumulation of even small amounts of sediment. Corals die from only one millimeter of siltation, which the instrument can detect. The SediMeter can also detect harmful sediment concentrations in the water immediately above the bottom

Also after the end of the beach replenishment the harm can continue, when the fines are washed out by waves. Turbid water during storms can be seen off replenished beaches for a long time. Also this can lead to harmful siltation on near-coastal reefs, which the SediMeter can measure.

The move also enables Lindorm to provide better customer service, education, and training. The new address is 10699 NW 123rd Street Road, Medley, FL 33178. This is in an industrial area near Okechoobee Road, northwest of Miami International Airport.