New SediMeter Versions: SM3A & SM3B

2013-10-17 0 By lindorm

Miami, FL, 2013-10-17 – The unique SediMeter instrument for monitoring sediment accumulation, erosion, siltation, and scour, is now released in its third commercial version, SM3. It comes in two versions: One model features the first ever SediMeter with a build in sensor cleaner. The other model has been miniaturized to fit entirely inside the 15 mm diameter sensor tube.

The SediMeter was created for monitoring small changes in bottom level as a result of sediment accumulation and erosion. It does so by measuring a vertical turbidity profile, from the water and down into the bottom. The instrument interpolates the bottom level based on the turbidity profile, with 0.1 mm resolution.

Unlike all previous SediMeters, the SM3 series have a built-in rechargeable battery, and they are permanently sealed. The battery is recharged through an under-water connector, which is also used for communication. They have internal memory for logging, but are also capable of being used in real-time monitoring.

The previous version, SM2, was released in 2007, while the original commercial SediMeter was released in 1994. The first research SediMeters were built from 1985 by the owner of Lindorm, Inc., Dr. Ulf Erlingsson.