Preparing the SM3B for deployment

2016-05-10 0 By lindorm

To prepare the SediMeter™ with cleaner for deployment take note of the following advice:

The cleaning shuttle has to be positioned at the top of the sensor, near the motor house, for the cleaning operation to be carried out correctly. If it is placed too low, the instrument will report an error at the end of the first cleaning, and will then turn off any further cleanings.

If you wish to test the cleaner, please be advised that the instrument will only execute a cleaning if it is able to determine the level of the bottom. This means that the instrument must be in water and with at least the lowermost detector covered by something that gives a significant signal (sediment, or a piece of paper).

Also, there must not be any strong signal higher up, because if the SediMeter™ cannot determine with certainty where the bottom is, it will err on the safe side and not carry out the cleaning. This is to avoid running the cleaner into the bottom since that would entangle the line.

As for settings, the Next Wiping should be set so high that there is time to deploy the instrument before the cleaning is due. This is because in case of error, the cleanings will be shut off for the remainder of the mission. So make sure not to order the first cleaning before the instrument is deployed in the field.