SediMeter Demo Data File

SediMeter Demo Data File

2018-08-23 0 By lindorm

Version 4.1 of the SediMeter software comes with a demo file, recorded using an SM3 in early 2018 off Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It was installed at around 15 m depth in a seagrass bed as shown in this YouTube video:

New in ver. 4.1: Slave Monitoring, Web Server

Several users already have third party loggers and want to use them to bring data ashore in real time. The slave monitoring function allows the importing of files from third party loggers to the SediMeter software. The third party logger will download the raw data to an *.ld2 file, and the SediMeter software will read the *.ld2 file, display it, and act as a web server. This means that the data can be published to the Internet in real time using our graphical interface. Many instruments can be monitored at the same time, and the window can automatically rotate between them.

More User-Friendly Software

The main change in 4.1 compared to 4.0 is, however, in the way the user interacts with the software. The Control window is no longer the nerve center for data. Rather, all activities related to analyzing data, opening, importing, editing, saving, and real time monitoring is done from the Data window. The Control window only retains the functions for communicating with the SediMeter instrument.