Introducing the SediSond Feature

Since 2006 we have provided the SediMeter instrument for measuring sedimentation and erosion, as well as the Nilsson suspended sediment sampler (also known as the Swedish sampler, or the Uppsala sampler). Furthermore, we offer the SediTrans instrument for suspended sediment transport.

The SediSond is a firmware and hardware addition to the SediMeter SM4P

We are proud to introduce the SediSond for profiling soft sediments by dropping a sond with an accelerometer into the sediments. The best is, that the SediSond is a SediMeter SM4P with upgraded firmware and hardware, which enables a comparison between turbidity and sediment resistance. This is an excellent tool for mapping fluid mud, since it behaves like water in terms of resistance, but as sediments in terms of turbidity.

The fact that the SediSond is based on the SediMeter SM4P also means that all existing owners of SM4P can upgrade. Use the Contact form to request a quote.