Dr. Ulf Erlingsson

Dr. Erlingsson invented the SediMeter™ when he was a research student at Uppsala University, Sweden, from where he graduated as PhD in 1990, and was awarded the Linnaeus Prize from the Royal Society of Sciences in 1991. Before founding Lindorm, Inc. in 2006 he was for over a decade a senior partner in the prestigious Swedish consulting company AB Hydroconsult, established 1962, where he among other assignments served as expert for the Swedish government in supervising sediment spill monitoring during the building of the Öresund Bridge to Denmark. After founding Lindorm and designing the first modern SediMeter, SM2, he installed the first real-time SediMeter monitoring system in Honduras as part of a consulting assignment for IAEA in 2009, which also included an assignment as bathymetry expert. Since then he has continued refining the hardware and software to the state of the art system of 2020. Erlingsson is a member of the Coastal Education & Research Foundation.

While his career has been focused on sediments and ways to study them using modern technology, he has also dedicated himself to science and philanthropy, as described in his biography. Please use the Contact form to request a free consultation or to inquire about our products. Dr. Erlingsson is based in Sweden.


ProjectStart YearEnd yearCountrySiteClient (Funding)Principal Objective and Methodology
LNG terminal dredging, sedimentation monitoring20182018CanadaKitimatBoskalisPost-sale on-site support, SediMeter instruments used in a real-time network for sedimentation monitoring
Land reclamation, sedimentation monitoring20182018NetherlandsAmsterdamBoskalisPost-sale on-site support, SediMeter instruments used in a real-time network for sedimentation monitoring
Hydrogeological Model for the Aquifer of Yojoa Lake20092009HondurasLago de YojoaENEE (IAEA)Installation of a station for measuring meteorological, hydrological, and sedimentological parameters, including SediMeter and LogDator Buoy
Hydrogeological Model for the Aquifer of Yojoa Lake20072007HondurasLago de YojoaENEE (IAEA)Assistance at all stages of the creation a bathymetric map of the lake, along with volume estimates for the hydropower plant
Natural Hazards in Nicaragua19992000NicaraguaNationalINETER, group led by NorLat (IDB)Mapping natural hazards and developing a GISS for natural hazard mitigation. Project leader.
Breakwater design study for Guaymuras marina20002001HondurasBahía de CortésInversiones
Chalet S.A. de C.V.
Assessment of coastal processes and associated risks and conceptual design of breakwaters
Bathymetric Survey of the El Cajón Hydropower Reservoir19982001HondurasEl Cajón (90
km2 reservoir)
ENEE (Sida)Specification, supervision, and training
Watershed management in the Trifinio Border Region20002000Guatemala,
Honduras, El Salvador
Upper Río Lempa (1,600
Subcontracted by NorLat (IDB)Survey of hydrological resources with development potential
Bridge reconstruction in Honduras19992000Honduras13 bridges in 8 river basinsSubcontracted by Sweco (Sida)Prediction of fluvial development and bridge scour
ֲMapping of contaminated sediments before dredging19992002SwedenÖrserumsvikenVästerviks KommunSediment mapping in 3D with acoustic and physical instruments
Öresund Bridge supervision of sediment spill monitoring19951999SwedenÖresund
(The Sound)
Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI)Supervision of spill monitoring during dredging to assure compliance with the ≤5% ±1% limit
Damage assessment from Hurricane Mitch19991999HondurasUpper Río Choluteca, and Bahía de CortésSubcontracted by Ångpanneföreningen (Sida)Compilation of hydro-meteorological data
Beach replenishment borrow area identification19981998SwedenSandhammarenYstad Kommun (subcontracted by Sweco)Identification of suitable extraction areas for sand
Arenal Reservoir Study19951996Costa
ICE (Sida)Study of the floating peat islands (camalote) and calculation of the useful life of the reservoir
Öresund Bridge sediment spill accumulation area prediction19921992SwedenÖresund
(The Sound)
The Øresund Bridge Consortium (subcontracted by Sweco)Marine geological survey to identify likely accumulation areas for sediment spill from the dredging for the Öresund Bridge project
Cachí Reservoir Study19891992Costa
ICE (Sida)Study of sediment yield, sedimentation, and erosion during a flushing