Statement on COVID-19

Statement on COVID-19

2020-03-20 0 By lindorm

Like most others, we are closely tracking the developments. The pandemic is a challenge for the world, and we are taking all feasible actions to decrease the rate of transmission to “flatten the curve,” while staying open for business, because let’s face it, the consequences of a severe recession would lead to more deaths than this virus would. The true case fatality rate among symptomatic cases is around 1%, and when considering those without symptoms it may be below 0.5%. The big problem is not the deadliness of the disease, the big problem is the rapid rate of spread.

In Sweden the strategy the government has chosen is to isolate the elderly, because only among the elderly is the case fatality rate high, and let the rest keep the wheels of society turning while decreasing the spread as much as possible. That is, keep working but avoid any unnecessary social contacts, and do not have any contact with the elderly.

This is mainly a crisis for the health care sector, and our heart goes out to those who have to deal with this, and who have to make life and death decisions. Meanwhile, the best we in Lindorm can do is to keep the wheels of economy turning, so as to avoid an economic meltdown—while also making sure we do not contribute to spread the virus.

Stay safe, make sure all retirees are isolated from society and the spread of the virus, wash your hands, stay 2 m from each other, and assume that you are infected already so you don’t infect others. And, stay in one place if at all possible.