The 2020 SediMeter™

The 2020 SediMeter™

2019-12-09 0 By lindorm

The next round of SediMeter™ SM4 instruments that are coming out in 2020 have borrowed a feature of the obsolete SM3, a thick PCB. Having a printed circuit board that is twice as thick as standard increases its rigidity by a factor 8, which makes a difference in the rigidity of the sensor as a whole.

It also has a new firmware feature which allows it to log data internally and transmit it remotely at the same time. This means better redundancy:

  • If the instrument is lost, all historic data are already stored safely on shore
  • If the communication is lost, the instrument still continues storing measurements internally for later retrieval

Remember that data is often more valuable than the instrument, because in many cases they cannot be recreated, they cannot be measured again. We are happy to answer any questions you have concerning real time monitoring with the SediMeter™ or SediTrans™.