Sediment Instruments

SediMeter™ Sedimentation and Siltation Monitoring Instrument

The patented sensor measures a vertical turbidity profile through the water / sediment interface, and estimates the level of the bottom with sub-millimeter resolution. The latest generation, SM4, features nephelometric turbidimeters (calibrated in NTU and FNU), fluorescence meters, accelerometer, conditions-based monitoring, and UV anti-fouling. A sturdier model, SM4P, does away with the holder tube in exchange for much thicker sensor walls. This is our bestseller now.

SediTrans™ Turbidimeter and Tilt Current Meter

The SediTrans turbidimeter is intended as a complement to the SediMeter in monitoring applications. It contains the same nephelometric turbidity sensors as the SediMeter. It is a turbidimeter, thus, but it offer many additional possibilities. See video on our blog

Suspended Sediment Sampler

The Nilsson Sampler, also known as the Uppsala Sampler, or the Swedish Sampler, this has been the standard for taking suspended sediment samples in many countries since the 1960’s. For decades it has been common practice to measure suspended sediment concentration (SSC) using a turbidimeter, but to convert from turbidity data to SSC one must develop a site specific correlation function, and that requires taking sediment samples while measuring the turbidity. The Nilsson Sampler is a light-weight (11 kg) sampler that nonetheless is useful in up to 200 cm/s stream velocity. We are the only original source, since we have the molds and gigs from the 1960’s.

SediLink™ Radio Modem

The SediLink is a radio modem for wireless communication with the SediMeter and or SediTrans.