The SediTrans™ (see pdf) is designed to have several uses for sediment transport studies, and to measure all crucial parameters in each application:

As a moored self-logging or cable-connected instrument, it measures turbidity (along with fluorescence), current velocity and direction, water level, and wave conditions. It contains both an ISO (international) turbidimeter, and a U.S. style turbidimeter.

As a ship-based instrument, it can be towed to measure turbidity and depth at the same time. It can also be connected to a Nilsson Sampler and record real-time turbidity data while a SSC sample is being collected, thus further improving the calibration of the turbidity.

The SediTrans™ sensors are identical to those in the SediMeter™ SM4, except that it adds a magnetometer for current direction, a pressure sensor for depth, and that the SediTrans™ lacks the vertical turbidity profiler of the SediMeter™.