Download SediMeter.exe

VersionCommentComplete InstallUpdate
6.0.0Supports SM4 firmware rev. 2 with Burst mode and SediSond
5.2.0Adds the ability to adjust the accelerometer and to turn off CBM (conditions-based monitoring)
5.1.9The last software version that does not allow adjusting the
4.2.1Support for SM4. Compiled in LabView
3.7.0Support for SM3 firmware rev. 2. Adds telemetry
3.0.0Support for SM3, and the last version to support
After downloading, unpack the ZIP file and install by running setup.exe. If it is the first time you use an instrument that uses our cable, you will also need to install this driver for the modem that is built into the USB connector of the cable.

Driver for USB to RS485 modem cable

Cable modem driver for all instruments except SM2

This is the driver for the cable used to connect from the computer’s USB port to the instrument’s RS485 connector. That cable has a built in USB-to-RS485 modem. Download directly from the developer site. Direct link to FTDI: Virtual COM Port (VPC) drivers for the USB-RS485 cable Select the Windows version that corresponds to your CPU, 32-bit or 64-bit.