2017-12-12 0

Joint Venture

By lindorm

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a Joint Venture with ProconsultRJ in order to better serve…

2017-11-09 0

SM4 Final Design

By lindorm

The new generation SediMeters have finally been born, two months delayed due to a high order volume so we are…

2017-01-09 0

Color SediMeter Plot

By lindorm

Starting in 2017 all SediMeters measure the turbidity by two different methods, straight and oblique backscatter. This has two effects,…

2016-09-11 0

Delivery Tests

By lindorm

Before a SediMeter is shipped it is run for a while in stand-alone logging mode, and in real-time monitoring. This…

2016-08-30 0

Firmware Update 1.05

By lindorm

This firmware update fixes several bugs. One of them could cause the instrument to freeze during a measurement, or cause…