Software is shipped on a USB stick with all orders but is also offered here for those needing to reinstall or wishing to update.


All software on this page is offered for free.


Complete installers includes the LabView runtime engine. Application only installers are much smaller and can be used when updating, provided there is no change in the LabView version.

Version Full Installer Update Installer Changes
4.2 SediMeter 4.2.1 full N/A Compiled in LabView 2018.
4.1 SediMeter 4.1.0 full SediMeter 4.1.0 update Supports SM3 instruments from 2017 (with firmware rev 2) and SM4 instruments. Compiled in LabView 2013.


1. Unpack the zip file
2. Run Setup.exe (the installer application is from National Instruments)
3. Install the driver
4. Restart

File extensions

The following extensions are used by the SediMeter software:

Extension Creator Use Comment
.sm4 SediMeter.exe Measurement data from one to 255 instruments Contains raw measurement data. The software can also open .sm2 and .sm3 files from software versions 2 and 3, respectively.
.ld2 SediMeter.exe option during download; LogDator Measurement data from one instrument A file that contains an exact copy of the data downloaded from a SediMeter instrument. Import only. From version 4.1 this can also be used in slave monitoring, in which a third party logger downloads data and writes to *.ld2 file in real time. The LogDator logger writes *.ld2 files to SD cards.
.smnt SediMeter.exe Network definition Instrument network IDs and geographical coordinates