The SediLink is a radio modem that acts as an interface between the under-water cable network connecting SediMeter instruments, or SediTrans, and an in-air wireless network connection. The modem includes a small solar panel and a battery, that keeps the modem and a few instruments with power.

The SediLink™ is a combined radio modem and solar charger for the SediMeter™. It features a socket that fits an X-Bee™ radio module, which means that the radio frequency and range can be adopted based on project requirements and legal constraints. Options include 2.4 GHz radios for ranges up to a mile, 900 MHz for up to 9 miles, and cell phone units. The network can also function as a mesh, meaning that nearby units can forward messages from units farther away. The SediLink™ is designed to sit on top of a buoy, either a low buoy or elevated on a 2″ tube for better radio range. It has 4 white LEDs for visual control of function from a distance. Each SediLink™ can connect to several instruments. Contact us for assistance with network design.